What is Reward Summit?

Reward Summit is a platform that keeps up-to-date on the latest offers for points and cash back by credit card companies. We have created a way to deliver that information to you at any checkout for bricks and mortar or online purchases so you can 'exercise' your cards' reward programs for your benefit.

How do I get started?

Download the app here When you first open the app it will guess what store you're in. We will show you the best cards available for typical purchases at that store. If you want to see how your cards stack up against these merchant cards, click the add my cards button. Then open the app every time you are in a store. Make sure you setup an account once you download the app and also link your accounts through Intuit.

What is my best plan for managing my credit cards?

We recently wrote a blog post about this here.

Is Reward Summit Secure?

We have built the system with encryption at every level and will never store any information that can identify you. We routinely go through a security audit with Intuit and our founders have worked for some of the biggest companies in the most security-conscious and privacy-conscious industries.

What if my spouse and I share cards?

You should setup an account and you should both sign in to that account from each phone.

I don't have any reward cards, can I still use your app?

Yes. You can get started even without a rewards card. Put your card(s) in and let us know what transactions. After you've linked your accounts, we'll run a report that ranks every single card available. This list will help you pick the absolute best card for your spending habits. Once you get a rewards card, make sure to add it to your wallet and we'll start to recommend when to use it.

Does Reward Summit favor any one card company or sell a recommendation to use any particular card?

No. Recommendations for cards are based on the value of the reward they offer.