About Us

Reward Summit is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and builds mobile and web-based solutions to help consumers take full advantage of the value of financial products. Its products are innovative, easy to use, secure, and always respect the privacy of the customer. Here's a little more about our team:

John Espey
Co-founder & CEO

John came up with the idea for Reward Summit while experiencing personal frustration with not being able to figure out which card to use. John has a history of leading fast growth technology companies, focusing on product development, sales, and finance. John was the COO of Amentra, an IT consulting shop that was acquired by Red Hat. After that, John helped launch and lead Nexgrid, a disruptive smart grid company.

Chris Hart
Co-founder & CTO

Chris is a financial services technology veteran who is passionate about making payments easier for consumers. He spent the first 15 years of his career at some of the largest banks in the United States focused on developing and deploying the technology that powers payment solutions. He's anxiously waiting for the day when cash is obsolete and his smartphone checks out for him when he's at the store.

Scott Lien
Board Member, Advisor & Investor

Scott Lien is a seasoned technology and business leader who combines a deep understanding of technology with a strong focus on building great products that customers love. He has held leadership positions at Bank of America, Best Buy, ePredix, Target, and Intuit. Scott is a founding Partner of Innovations Accelerated, an early stage angel investment fund focused on helping accelerate the growth of breakthrough innovations. Scott is an investor, board member and advisor for Reward Summit.

Anthony-James Green
VP of Marketing

Anthony has a long history in building user-friendly products across a wide range of industries. A Six Sigma Black Belt and a self-described "marketing junkie," Anthony's business background started in arguably the toughest market in the world: SAT prep. Specializing in user experience and conversion analytics, Anthony's focus is on attracting and keeping as many users as possible through the use of clear, honest marketing and simple, fun product design. Anthony currently lives in Los Angeles, where he splits his time between being a workaholic and falling off his surfboard.

Kelly Davis
Social Media Director

Kelly is a social media guru, avid food blogger, and one of the first power users of Reward Summit. You can check out her handiwork on Foodie Fresh and on our Twitter feed.